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Everything arrived safely , in excellent condition - The Pigment Inks look very close to our oem ink and it also works fine for me. Many thanks.

—— Ed Walker - USA

We received the paper in good condition- We like the Luster paper, the quality is really like the original Epson paper, we'd like to your exclusivity.

—— Brad - USA

We are doing very good with your inks PFI-701 and 706 for Canon plotters. Please share me other compatible inks and media for Canon, HP and Roland.

—— Nedal Odeh - U.A.E

We received all the packages. Everything is as expected. 260gr premium luster paper works perfectly on our Epson 9900. We'll have a good order. Thanks

—— CharlesD from Canada

Yours RC satin/luster papers & Synthetic paper have been tested. It went overall very well. Thank you!!

—— Hide.K - Japan

We've printed 410gsm matte cotton canvas and 260gsm poly canvas for photo reproduction on Canon iPF8300. Very ideal results. I like it! Thank U.

—— Milan Pol - Italy

چت IM آنلاین در حال حاضر
بوم پنبه جوهر افشان
رول پلی استر بوم
کاغذ عکس با پوشش رزین
جوهر افشان فیلم چاپ
مقاله عکس Minilab
جوهر فرمت گسترده
PP مقاله مصنوعی
تصویربرداری پزشکی پزشکی
کاغذ عکس پوشش داده شده
مقاله پوشش داده شده مات
رسانه لاتکس
محیط زیست Solvent Media
جوهر حلال اکولوژیک
جوهر چاپگر تصعید
لوازم رسانه ای جوهر افشان
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